Prevention of CUP experience burning

First, the selection of high quality cooling fan. If AMD processor certified by AMD's dedicated fan is a good choice if Intel processors, you may want to consider buying a genuine fan. Some specially designed fan is good, like two fans "polar wind", greatly increases the safety factor can cause the CPU fan stops burning significantly reduced the risk of.
in addition, attention should be paid to monitor CPU temperature. New machine when the machine is started for the first time, should immediately go into BIOS to see parameters such as CPU temperature and fan speed. While on high CPU temperature high alarm function, auto power off function, or the fan stops automatically shutdown functions. Many boards also provide software support under Windows real-time monitoring CPU temperature, QDI StepEasy that came with the motherboard with overclocking but also provides temperature monitoring functions, hardware monitor ASUS motherboard ASUS PROBE also displays CPU temperature, and so on.
Note: good heat sink cooling is required. Sort out the best chassis in the messy wires, can not only prevent the CPU fan blades being accidentally stuck better maintaining the smooth flow of air. Recommended to install chassis fans, actual proof, the power installed at the bottom of the fan (tower case) as right next to the CPU, cooling fan is not installed upgrading a lot. Of course, installing a panel fan air intake would be better. Some cool software which claims to reduce CPU temperature helps a lot, but from a practical standpoint, the effect is not very ideal, it is not recommended as the primary means of cooling.
is strongly recommended that members will not go to the high frequency of CPU is overclocked, once the heat has a lot of high frequency CPU overclocking is tantamount to fueling difficult not only to ensure stable operation of the system and CPU burnt will greatly increase the likelihood. In addition, you should use hibernation when setting CPU fan go and sleep mode sets the CPU power to 0%, CPU in Hibernate with minimal heat, are also necessary to prevent burning.
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